David Pond | Toby


An exciting and enduring fashion label established in 1987, DAVID POND clothing sources fabrics from Italy and France, travelling to Europe at least four times a year.


With great fabrics and cut, I find his garments are stylish and popular.


We are a stockist of a wide range of David Pond Fashion Clothing in our shop in Mt Maunganui, Tauranga, New Zealand.


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Toby | Oasis Tee | Italian Fabric $225
Toby | Perfect Tee | Style: Boho | $195
Toby | Perfect Tee | Juliet | French Fabric | $195
David Pond | Perfect Tee | Kitson $225
Daivd Pond | Perfect Tee | Starry | Coral $225
David Pond | Perfect Tee | Toybox | Silk | $255
David Pond | Patch Me Up Dress | $317