Welcome to the Colourful World of ZSISKA jewellery.

ZsiskaLMRFounded in 1992 by Dutch Designer Zsiska Schippers, ZSISKA is a high quality resin collection.
24ct Gold Leaf and Silver Leaf is used in many of her designs, and of course there is the very popular brightly coloured resin range.

ZSISKA Jewellery has wide appeal and sell in 19 countries.

We are a stockist of a wide range of ZSISKA jewellery in our shop in Mt Maunganui, Tauranga, New Zealand.


Large Hearts $59


Bangles $45 Earrings on Silver Hooks – Long or Short $39
Large Bead Necklace $99 Medium $95
Large Beads on Long Cord $69
Silver Leaf Heart Necklace | 24ct Gold Leaf Necklace $69 | Silver Leaf Earrings | 24ct Gold Leaf Earrings $49